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WorldGroove CHILLOUT ▷▷▷ 2020.06.29 (Mon) 10:00pm DJ LIVE Stream on YouTube sanericci cafe ( sanericci + LUMIKOIMAI ) @ Chigasaki

29日月曜日夜10時YouTube sanericci cafe ライブ配信にてフリースタイルで歌やMCします💜


I’ll do freestyle and mc on YouTube sanericci cafe Monday DJ live stream on June 29th!
You can enjoy the archive after distribution,enjoy as your BGM ;)

If you’ll enjoy it please give us comments, like and don’t forget subscribe ;▷


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[ 360°VR STUDIO liveDJ REC. #12 ] Special Guest DJ “ mocchie ” and sanericci + LUMIKOIMAI

今週月曜日夜10時のYouTube sanericci cafeはゲストDJ mocchie ( @mocch1e ) が登場します!
mocchie は都内や神奈川県を中心に外国など様々なイベントに出演されている他、自身でも素敵なパーティー” comodo ”をオーガナイズされているDJの方です。

June 15th Monday 10pm
YouTube sanericci cafe welcome special guest DJ mocchie!!!
Mocchie has been performing as a DJ at various events in Tokyo and also active overseas, as well as organizing a wonderful party "comodo"!!!
Please enjoy the comfortable Analog DJ time of mocchie, who is also a wonderful daddy who loves music as the core! !
Check YouTube sanericci cafe ☺︎

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2020/06/08(Mon) 10:00pm VR Studio Live LUMIKOIMAI + sanericci “ Believe ( Lenny Kravitz cover.) ” をプレミアム公開します on YouTube cannel sanericci cafe



6月8日月曜 夜10時にYouTubeチャンネルsanericci cafeにてプレミアム公開されます✰

I sang with Analogkeys Lenny Kravitz cover “ Believe “ .
My best friend request me it amazing song.
June 8th 10pm
Will upload on YouTube channel sanericci cafe.

Check it out !
and if you’ll enjoy it please give us like and subscribe to our channel ✰

Song / Believe ( Lenny Kravitz cover. )
Sound design,Audio Engineer,Videographer / sanericci cafe


I am you And you are me
Why's that such... a mystery
If you want it you got to believe
Who are we We're who we are
Riding on This great big star.
We've got to stand up if we're gonna be free, yeah

*If you want it you got it You just got to believe
Believe in yourself
'Cause it's all just a game we just want to be loved

The Son of God Is in our face
Offering us Eternal grace
If you want it you've got to believe
'Cause being free Is a state of mind
one day leave This all behind
Just put your faith in God and one day you'll see it
The future's in Our present hands
Let's reach right in Let's understand
If you want it you've got to believe, yeah

If you want it you got it you just got to believe
Believe in yourself yeah
'Cause it's all just a game We just want to be loved

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sanericci cafe Interviewed by RICOH THETA Laboratory

DJ sanericci was interviewed from RICOH THETA Laboratory.
RICOH THETA is 360° camera what sanericci cafe always using on 360-degree YouTube live streaming.
we're honored and appreciate for the interview offer from them.

Please check it interview!

Make the most out of your time at home: live streaming with the THETA 360 degree camera!

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Tonight! 10PM! VR Live streaming on YouTube channel sanericci cafe!

今夜10時YouTube チャンネルsanericci cafeにてVR DJライブ配信します♪

Tonight 10PM! Let's join on YouTube channel sanericci cafe!
I'll do MC,Freestyle,chat!

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